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    Blog — Xochimilco

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    Gorgeous Mexico: Mexico City (part 2)

    Gorgeous Mexico: Mexico City (part 2)

    This is Part 2 of my article on my beautiful home town of Mexico City..

    You have to visit Xochimilco, too! This is a traditional barrio south of Mexico City Little that offers a unique experience. A lot of chalupas (small boats) painted in all sorts of colours and with different names (Lupita is the most popular one, though) will take you through the channels where you will practically bump into other chalupas full of people singing, eating and even dancing have fun, or else, with mariachis that offer to sing to you for a small quote, or marimbas or tropical bands: all of them are there. Saturdays and Sundays are the most crowded days since this is a place local people enjoy very much and you will see big families having a fantastic picnic on the water.

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